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Wellington Hair Spa Hair Awareness

Now that the weather is ever changing from hot to cold, dry to humid; your hair needs extensive attention and care. Women are consistently inquiring about the best products and techniques to maintain health and avoid damage. Have you looked in the mirror lately??? Split ends, thinning, breakage, and dull tresses to name a few are major signs that this article is for you! WHS has compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to “Manage that Damage”!

Do: Wash your hair at least once a week or every two; if your hair is healthy it will produce natural oils to protect itself. However, those essential oils blended with a polluted environment, sweat, hair products and related factors cause build-up. This won’t allow your scalp and hair to breath, making the hair grimy and smelly.

Don’t: Wash your hair more than once a week or wait past two weeks. Both these decision’s can result in major hair loss! Washing the hair too often, won’t allow those natural oils to produce, therefore making the hair weak and vulnerable to breakage. Taking too long to wash your hair, will cause a nasty case of build up, that can start to irritate the scalp and cause uncontrollable itching…YIKES!

Do: Let your hair air dry from time to time, this is a great way to maintain strength and hair resilience! Comb it out in different sections, braid, pin up and relax! This method is extremely recommended from time to time, to keep that heat off your hair and to prevent permanent damage to your natural volume.

Don’t: Over use heat on your hair. Flat irons and Curling irons are being used too often; causing permanent damage! Your ends are taking a major beating with all that heat. Instead look into using steam or sponge overnight rollers to create volume.

Do: Get your ends trimmed every four weeks. Not only is it healthy, but you’ll also receive shape and bounce. Your hair is going too spilt whether your want it to our not. Depending on when you take this step, depends on how much hair is cut! Keep it healthy and (believe it or not) keep it growing by losing those dead ends. Once your hair starts to split, it will continue up the shaft!!!!! It makes the difference between a hair clipping and an unwanted haircut.

Don’t: Brush and comb your hair to often. This will contribute to your split ends and make them a lot worse. If you feel your hair consistently needs a comb or brush, odds are you have split ends.

Here are brief but effective dos and don’ts to “Manage that Damage”. Healthy hair helps healthy attitudes ladies!

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