Seasons Changing; Update Your Hair

Spring is on the way! Hard to remember at a time like this, but beautiful weather is on the way. Make sure to update your hair from the drab winter weather; a trim to reveal new growth and discard dead ends is a necessary part of your hair journey. A conditioning treatment and consultation with your expert stylist will have your style red-carpet ready; even if your runway is @ home

  1. Paul Mitchell Freeze Spray is the perfect product for the changing seasons. Made for thick hair, it provides a strong hold without stickiness or buildup.

Additional Note:

  1. We at Wellington Hair Spa are working on being up to date. Every day, we are making sure we are cleaning thoroughly, sanitizing all surfaces, and washing our hands frequently and repeatedly.

  2. We are putting every possible effort and technique to ensure we have a safe, clean and coronavirus-free space for your enjoyment.



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