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Wellington Hair Spa Gears Up For the Fall Season

It’s hard to believe it, but we are already at the end of summer. Kids are going back to school, temperatures are changing, and the end of the year is fast approaching! With all the shifts going on, we @ Wellington Hair Spa are in the midst of our own transformation.

Since we last updated you, we’ve had some major renovations in the salon-all for the better! We have more chairs available, larger mirrors, and more stylists to accommodate our growing clientele. The space is brighter and even more beautiful, with the addition of gorgeous artwork, new furniture and a completely new set up! We invite you to stop by for a glass of wine and check it out!

Just a glimpse of the new Wellington Hair Spa!

Next, as we head into autumn, the focus will be on warm browns and icy blondes, according to Good Housekeeping and Harper’s Bazaar. Faded pastels also make an appearance to spice up traditional colors and ombré will also be a favorite. The emphasis of natural yet highlighted color is the newest trend for 2019 as well. Whatever works for you, Wellington Hair Spa, the seed fueling the beauty of NYC, can accommodate.

Ciara effortlessly embodies the newest fall look of dirty brunette-a rich, gorgeous brown supplemented by neutral highlights. Photo courtesy of Allure/Getty Images

Last but definitely not least, the importance of trimming dead, dry ends and maintaining a conditioning regime determines the health and growth of your locks. Your hair changes with the weather and you have to keep up! We create a regime that’s easy to follow and sure to keep your hair shiny, smooth and most importantly, healthy through heat to cool temperatures. 

“TREND: Cold Brew Hair 

Another way to boost your brunette hair is to follow one of the many coffee-tone trends. According to Blum, cold brew is when light undertones are carefully placed in the mid- and lower sections of the hair.” Good Housekeeping 

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