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Wellington Hair Spa Awareness: Bold the Cold

Hot cocoa, Ice skating, sitting by the fire and DULL HAIR??????? Women usually are not thinking about their hair, when it comes to cold weather. However ladies, when the air begins to get dry and frigid, so does your hair. Moisture is the first thing to go, once you hit that chill, so it’s wise to prepare yourself. Sustaining healthy hair throughout the winter is extremely crucial, as it can determine your hair’s strength and weaknesses for quite some time. Unlike heat damage that can be clipped off and repaired, the cold can damage from the root; leaving the scalp dry and itchy, promote dreary hair color, and create breakable ends. Here are a few tips, to get you through these winter months.

Do not wash your hair as often in the winter time: This may sound a little odd, but again moisture and nutrients is very important to conserve. When you wash your hair too often, especially in the winter, this can cause you to lose those needed components to keep your hair healthy. It is easier to maintain clean hair in the winter, as you’re not sweating as much. Use dry shampoo!

Vitamins and Nutrients: Take your vitamins ladies! Be proactive in protecting your hair, skin and nails. Use shampoos with Keratin and Vitamins. This will enhance strength and moisture in your hair and helping you to reinforce health.

Use light oils to grease your scalp: This will assist your scalp absorb moisture and keep it. Dandruff is embarrassing and annoying; this is a sure shot way to prevent this!

Use a silk scarf when wearing wool and knit hats: This will prevent the infamous hat hair fiasco. Also, these materials will pull and rip out your hair, which can cause large amounts of breakage and fly-aways.

This are brief but healthy tips to get your hair winter time ready. So bundle up and get ready to brave the cold!

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