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Tips & Tricks: Sex Up Your Hair

Do you ever sit in the mirror for hours and wonder how to do your hair for that first date or night on the town with the girls. Well, if so, this article is for you! Ladies, dry ponytails, expired weaves, rubber bands, exposed bobby pins and the list goes on (TRUST), can make your look; cheap and lazy! Whether your locks are down your back or short and sweet, there is no excuse for inexcusable hair.

It is high time to learn how to SEX up your hair.

Tip One: Simple flips, curls and swoops can make all the difference. Carry around a light portable holding spray for that sporadic trip to the ladies room.

Tip Two: Leave the scrunchy at home!!!!! I’m assuming you’ve already taken the liberty of washing your face (I hope) before heading out. There is nothing sleek about a scrunchy, they're big, usually a horrific color and outdated!

If you’re gunning for that chic ponytail look, use black Goody’s ouch less elastic bands.

Tip Three: Use styles and colors that complement your face and skin color. Stay true to who you are when trying to duplicate styles. Be creative, but also be real with yourself. Take pictures of your new creation and send to a friend, for a second opinion. A real friend always tells the truth!

Sorry ladies, but not everyone is going to look as good as Rihanna, with Fire Red Engine hair…Just saying!

WHS searched for the sexiest styles around and provided them in our SEX UP hair gallery!

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