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Tips and Tricks: Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair

Come on Ladies, we all know how frustrating the process is of ridding yourself of relaxed hair can be. Well, hopefully WHS can ease the pain of this pivotal moment in your life. As tedious as this process maybe, you should really pat yourself on the back for this groundbreaking decision. Always remember with hard work comes gratification!

Tip One: Depending on how much new growth you have, be brave and cut off the remaining relaxed hair. That way, all you need to focus on is maintaining healthy natural hair.

Tip Two: Create a great transitional style, including natural twist you can accomplish with Chinese bumps or straw sets. Also, soft curls are a great transitional style, you can accomplish with soft foam curlers, you use overnight. Both don’t require heat, therefore the relaxed hair can still maintain health.

Tip Three: Utilize Extension/braids or weaves to protect your hair, while going through your transitional stage. However, speak with your stylist regularly, on how often to wash and replace the synthetic hair.

Tip Four: Continue conditioning your hair on a regular basis. To keep the new growth hydrated and moisturized.

Here are four simple tips to assist with your natural transition! Good Luck…

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