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The Michelle Obama Bounce

Of all the things we love about our First Lady Michelle Obama, her hair is no exception.  For some, it's at the top of their list of Michelle fave's. Her hairstyle is sophisticated, classic, and most of all, looks extremely healthy. That "Michelle Obama bounce" is unequivocally this year's most requested hairstyle, regardless of length.

The basic element of Mrs. Obama's hairstyle is the "blow-out." But the key to achieving this look is a combination of the right products coupled with frequent trims to maintain the structure of the hairstyle.

ÆSTELANCE's Style Lotion Medium Hold provides a voluminous, yet weightless bounce, while keeping the structure of the hairstyle.  Finish the hairstyle off with ÆSTELANCE's Lustre Finishing Spray for a light high-gloss sheen.

Remember, with this hairstyle, less product is more.

See you soon!

Patrick Wellington

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