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Summer Hair Care

With the changes in season, comes changes in our hair: texture, moisture, and manageability. Here at Wellington Hair Spa, we’re preparing you (and your hair) for the changes we you may experience this summer.

Sun-days’ Best

The gorgeous, yet unforgiving sun plays a huge part in the changes to your hair.  It can strip the hair of it’s natural oils, and the dry summer heat intensifies the problem. An excellent solution to the “sun-days”’ woes, is Kera Care’s Hydrating Shampoo and Humecto Cream Conditioner. It moisturizes hair as it conditions the hair for a healthy appearance and feel.

Summer Styles

The summer season is all about ease and breeze.  The ideal hair length for summer is short. It’s an easy for an on-the-go style that will take you from sun up to sun down. Also, textured hair is great for the summer months! It gives you the option of wearing it curly or straight. For those who prefer the curly, free-flowing look we suggest Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue.  It's the perfect option for maintaining light, perfectly coiled curls. For those who prefer a straight, sleek look, we suggest Jane Carter’s Wrap and Roll and Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pomade. These products add control and shine without stiffness or residue.

Now you (and your hair) are totally prepared for the summer months and what they may bring. Remember hydration is key  during the hot, humid summer months. And we’ve got you covered if you need the perfect summer style and maintenance for strong, beautiful, healthy hair.  

See you soon!!

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