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Q As with Patrick Visible Roots Hot or Not

A growing trend in celebrity hair, visible roots leaves many asking the question, Is this style Hot or Not?!?! Recently, clients have been asking questions regarding Visible Roots, so I compiled a list of the most common questions and answered them below:

How did visible roots become trendy? In a shaky economy, highlights are a pricey luxury that many people can't afford, so most are leaving the “just left the salon” look alone and going for a more relaxed look. Not to mention, some of today’s hottest celebrities are rocking visible roots. It’s trendy, daring and on the edge, which is in right now!

Which stars are rocking visible roots? Stars like Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Mary J. Blidge and Shakira.

Who can wear visible roots? A younger trendier woman and teenagers opposed to middle age and sophisticated women.

Who should avoid visible roots? Women who work in a corporate environment, or business setting, as visible roots can be seen as unkempt and unprofessional, rather than edgy and stylish.

On what styles and colors of hair do visible roots work best? Bob’s and choppy haircuts look great with visible roots! All colors can work with visible roots, as long as the roots don’t clash with the hair.

Do you have any tips for maintaining the visible roots look at home? Like any other style, I recommend that you keep your hair moisturized with conditioner and get treatments as often as you visit the salon.

So, here's my question for you, are Visible Roots Hot or Not??!?

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