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Keeping Your Hair and Body Healthy With the Change of Seasons

It’s always a challenge to adjust to changing seasons. The new weather seems to come so quickly that we barely have time to pull out coats and scarves! Here @ Wellington Hair Spa, we have some tips to keep your mind, body and hair healthy and up to date with the fluctuating temps.

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Keep hair hydrated internally and externally.  Drinking lots of water (yes you can do warm water), eating fruits and seasonal vegetables helps with keeping hair hydrated and healthy. Your body will thank you as well, of course.

Get a conditioning treatment. It is so important to keep get a customized conditioning treatment to not only keep your hair perfectly healthy and well-maintained, but the right process can keep your style in shape longer. Curls stay more defined, cuts keep their shape longer and color holds longer. 

TRIM, TRIM, TRIM! Dead ends can stifle new growth and cause your tresses to break and split. On average, you should be getting a trim every 6-8 weeks, or as recommended by a professional stylist.

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