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Hair Tips for Fall

It never fails; with cooler weather comes the need for more moisture. Here @ Wellington Hair Spa, we continue to perfect methodology to ensue your locks are in premium shape in any weather. With that in mind, we’ve adapted a creative  technique-dry hair shampooing-into our menu offerings. Shampooing hair with a moisture-rich shampoo while dry allows for a deep clean while maintaining a balance of moisture. This method also helps to give excellent definition to curl patterns.

Try it today and see the difference immediately! 

Another tip for keeping and maintaining the health of your locks is a clay mask. Use as needed-every type of hair is different. This technique also increases curl definition, promotes body and shine and can replace excessive shampooing.


Founder and celebrity hair stylist Patrick Wellington attended the Philadelphia Premiere Hair Show, held this past weekend. From the latest in colorings, newest styling tools (Wellington Hair Spa now features the most expensive hair dryer by on the market-by Dyson) to the most recent trends in hair styling, this event showcased the most advanced and current shifts in the hair industry. As we continue to grow and learn in order to provide our customers the best service possible, this event proved to be a invaluable resource.

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