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Hair Fact and Fiction


I'm posting this blog entry based on questions I've been receiving in the salon in reference to hair care, maintenance, products, etc. Here it goes...

Fact: You can repair split ends. There is a way to temporarily treat split ends. We suggest Jane Carter Solution's Hair Nourishing Serum which had fortifying conditioning properties that will treat but not fully eliminate split ends. The only way to fully eradicate the problem is by completely cutting those split ends right off.

Fiction: "Greasing" the scalp promotes growth. Grease and heavy oils clog the pores and stunts their growth. Instead you should use light oils.

Fact: Braiding your hair too tight will cause damage. The misconception is that braids are helpful but they do more damage to the hair than help the hair. They place a strain on the strands. Braids aren't a bad idea if you allow your hair to rest at least four months out of a year.

Fiction: Relaxers make your hair grow. It's all an optical illusion. It may look like your hair has grown after you relax it, but, that's exactly what it is: relaxed. If you straighten a slinky, it will look extremely longer. Hair growth truly is the result of a well-balanced diet and maintenance.

Fact: Washing your hair will not dry out your hair. This actually depends on the person and how much oil their scalp naturally produces. But, for the most part, water is exactly what your scalp needs. It's the shampoo and the products used to moisturize that make all the difference. We suggest ÆSTELANCE Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner

Fiction: Cutting your hair promotes hair growth. I think we sometimes forget that our hair grows from the scalp. Nothing I/We do to the ends will effect what's going on from the roots. I do, however, suggest getting a trim every 6-8 weeks depending on your personal hair growth to prevent split ends. Those split ends could possibly move up the shaft, creating more damage.

I hope this helps some of you who may not have known which were fact and which were fiction.

See you soon!

-Patrick Wellington@Patrick Wellington Hair Spa

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