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For the Hair Recessionistas

No one needs to reminds us that we're in a recession.  For some, hair maintenance has become a luxury when it was formerly a necessity.  We understand. This entry is dedicated to the ladies who may feel the pains of the recession but still want to "mane-tain." Here are a few tips that will keep your hair style in between visits to the  salon.

One of the key factors to "mane-taining" is preserving moisture. When you wrap your hair at night, use a silk scarf. This is less abrasive as opposed to cotton scarves.  Also, use Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine which adds moisture as well as provides a light sheen. 

If you keep your hair curly, pin-curl your hair at night to sustain the curl into the next day. 

If you have highlights, new growth becomes obvious after a few weeks. You can fix this by using tracks as highlights. This protects the hair from chemicals as well as eliminates the "new growth" problem.

Some treatments, like scheduled trims and relaxers, are irreplaceable but we're here to help you in between visits. 

See you soon!

-Patrick Wellington.

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