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Evolution of the Hot Comb

Hot, Pressing, or straightening comb, which one do you call it? Either way, this magical device with multiple names has only one function; which is to controllably straighten and style your hair. Most might think, the ‘Hot comb’ came about in the back towns of Louisiana or some other popular southern town, known for black women with kinky, curly hair. However, this device was invented in France. The 19th century tool was huge for groundbreaking trends and individualism. Marcel Grateau was one of the first hair stylists in Paris to use the hot comb in 1872. This started a new wave of styles and expectations! It wasn’t until the hot comb; made it to the United States in the 1900’s, did Madam CJ walker add her patented revisions. Widening the teeth with a few other modifications made the ‘hot comb’ the most popular tool amongst women of color. Although, a portion of the black community saw this more as detrimental then beneficial, the movement went on forth! The comb helped facilitate the infamous salon method of the ‘bump n’ Curl’. A simple, yet efficient hair routine that we get to enjoy at least once a week, in our local salons. It is clear that as time has passed the ‘Hot Comb’ has revolutionized with the women it services. Different gradients and materials make this device universal to all women. Natural hair has grown extremely popular over the past few years. This has made the demand for the ‘hot comb’ even greater. The rise and fall of the relaxer, has claimed many hair and hairline casualties, which has made the transition that much easier. Keeping the hair manageable for the women on the go, consistently begs the question….could we live without the ‘Hot Comb’????????

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