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Wellington Hair Spa: Beat the Heat

Flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers are not the only source of heat that can dehydrate, break and ruin your hair. The sun also has damaging effects, which are not reversible. We are extremely careful and mindful of our skin, but what about our hair!?

The sun can damage your hair with direct prolonged exposure. It has been proven; UVA and UVB rays have the strength to damage the hair from cuticle to the inner Shaft. Your hair may become brittle, weak, broken, and faded (if you have color treated hair). It would be wise to consult your hair dresser before treating the hair with products that include high dosages of peroxides and alcohols, during and before the summer months.

So now that you know what can damage your hair, let WHS give you tips on how to protect your beautiful tresses!!!!

Deep Condition the hair, to keep moisture in: Although, we do have natural oils to aid us, your hair protects itself best, when filled with nutrients and moisture. Wellington Hair Spa, features an assortment of helpful and essential deep conditioning treatments for a variety of hair types. For instance, Wellington Hair Spa carries the Keratin Intensive Treatment. This product produces a concentrated Keratin protein blend that deeply repairs and protects, while intensifying hydration!!!!!!

Read about the entire collection:

Create a stylish Safeguard between your hair and the sun: Not only is this a healthy hair tactic, but also tons of fun. Play up your look with an eclectic scarf or that perfect hat you stuffed in the back of your closet. Accessories are necessary and urge you to be a little more creative with your look.

Simple, Simple, Simple Ladies, keep the gels, irons, and combing to a minimum when styling you hair for the summer heat. This strips your hair of that essential moisture and leaves it prone to sun damage. Try easy looks, such as braids, soft curls, buns and pin-ups.

These three steps are definite ways to assist you maintain your healthy summer look. Until next time ladies!

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