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Recognizing Wellington Hair Spa as a leader in the hair industry, ThatGirlAtTheParty interviewed Patrick Wellington for tips for fabulous hair. Here's part of the interview:

TGATP: What are you top tips to grow healthy hair?

PW: 1. Stop doing your own chemicals. 2. Your relaxer does not have to be totally straight. 3. Use only really good salon quality shampoos and conditioners. 4. Always use heat protecting serums when applying any kind of heat, such as blow dryers and flat irons.

TGATP: What are some misconceptions that women, particularly Black Women, have about their hair?

PW: Black women do not realize how fragile their hair is. Black hair is very fragile and has to be trimmed regularly. No matter how long or short you have to keep it clipped at the ends. It will grow healthy at the root but the ends are what matter most.

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