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Featured on Sophisticate's Black Hair (Nov 2011) - Part 1

Flirty Flips: This clean, polished look boasts amazing volume that keeps this silhouette on the front page of fashion! Natural hair is shampooed and conditioned. While still damp, shears are used to create a swinging A-line bob that is undercut in the back.
Once the cut is complete, mane is molded with a part combed in and set under the dryer for about 45 minutes. Strands are blow-dried and then point-cut with shears to create more movement in the style. Tresses are flat-ironed, creating flips and curved pieces for added embellishment. A shine spritz and thermal smoothing product finish the style.
Style it! Wrap hair at night with a satin or silk scarf. In the morning, comb straight down and flat iron if needed. For a curly twist, pin curl hair at night and shake and go in the morning. This polished profile will last about a week.
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